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Where can I find my courses?

Your overview is empty and you don't know how to find your booked courses?
Then click on "My courses and groups" in the main menu on the left. There you will find all your booked courses.By clicking on the blue arrow next to a course title, you can add them to your "Favorites". Once you have done this, the courses will appear on your overview.
In this video we explain how to find, book and add courses to your favorites (in german with english subtitles):
You can find more guidance and tips at Quick Help with ILIAS 

University account for student assistants / tutors

Are you a student assistant or tutor and need to create courses and groups on ILIAS? Then you need an employee university account. The student account is not sufficient for this. If you have an employment contract with the university, you can set up such an account yourself. Further information can be found Homepage of the Computing Center and in our instructions:
Instructions for applying for a university employee account german / english
Use the employee account for your student assistant activities. For all matters relating to your studies, use your student account.
If you do not have an employment contract, you can only administer existing courses/groups if the teacher responsible for them has previously given you admin rights in the course/group.

Quick Start into Digital Learning with ILIAS

Instructions and help for a quick start with ILIAS

Symbolbild mit einer stilisierten Supermanfigur und einer Tastatur mit Verlinkung zur Seite "Schneller Einstieg in ILIAS"
Click on the picture

Forum for students: Questions about ILIAS

Here you can ask your questions on the functions of ILIAS. The forum is primarily for help & support from students for students. Feel free to respond to your fellow students' questions if you have answers, tips and suggestions. Please address questions about courses directly to the responsible teacher.

Support Contact

In order to support you in using our learning platform ILIAS and our video portals, the University of Freiburg offers various support services. Who does what here?
The e-learning department of the computer centre is mainly concerned with the central learning platform ILIAS and everything related to digital teaching. 

You can reach us via the following channels:

Specific questions about ILIAS:

General enquiries on the subject of "digital teaching": 
The Media Centre of the University Library operates the new Panopto system and the video portal (VIMP) and is the right contact point for this. 
Support website Panopto

Specific questions about Panopto:

Video portal: