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Hybrid Teaching Scenarios

Hybrid teaching describes the interplay of classical face-to-face and online teaching. A conceivable scenario is one in which some students are present in the lecture theatre/seminar room and others are connected live from home.

Such offers make sense and are necessary if not all students can or may be on site (e.g. due to quarantine, risk groups, stays abroad, etc.).

How to proceed:
To deliver a hybrid session, you will need the following basic equipment:
  • Internet connection and projector in the seminar room
  • Laptop, room microphone, webcam
  • Web conference room (BigBlueButton, Zoom, DFNConf)
Above all, a good audio transmission is essential. Video/slides/presentation are optional.

Recording of the information event "Possibilities of hybrid teaching at the University of Freiburg", 20 July 2021 (in German)

Quick Start

In small rooms you can use a mobile table microphone and optionally a camera, e.g. the Meeting-OWL:
  • Table microphone & loudspeaker
  • 360° cameraautomatic
  • Image focus in the room on up to 3 speakers
  • Connection via USB
How to proceed:
  • Borrow the Meeting-OWL from Medientechnik RZ, Rempartstraße 11, 2nd floor room 02 008 ( Loan status and reservation)
  • In the seminar room:
    • Connect laptop to internet (ideally with LAN cable).
    • Connect Meeting OWL via USB
    • Connect projector via HDMI cable
    • Initiate a video conference via BBB or ZOOM
Further tipps/recommendations
KIT presents a setup consisting of a tripod, tracking camera (recording 300° range) and radio microphone set with up to two microphones (use one of them as a toss microphone). The set and the setup are excellently explained in the video on the right (only available in German, sorry!).
Pre-installed Technology:
Video conferencing equipment with room microphone on ceiling

3 rooms equipped in KG I:
1224, 1228, 1234

  • Room booking via HISinOne (siehe Room Inquiry Event Management in HISinOne, Login with uni staff account)
  • If necessary, introduction to seminar room technology (
  • Connect laptop to LAN and VK system (2x USB, 1 HDMI available, sockets and control console on the wall)
  • Initiate a video conference via BBB or Zoom
Use of video conferencing system in KG 1 (pdf)
MAC 11 Driver Installation Process (pdf)
The following rooms, which are equipped with appropriate lecture technology, are suitable for recording and broadcasting lectures:
  • KG 1: 1009, 1010, 1015, 1098, 1199, 1221, Aula
  • Paulussaal  (Dreisamstraße 3)
  • Institutsviertel: HS Otto-Krayer-Haus (Albertstraße 25), HS Pharmazie (Name in HISinOne: Her.-Herder-Str 7 Hörsaal), HS Anatomie (Alberstraße 17), im HS Chemie Rundbau [HS Rundbau], im HS Kristallographie [Name in HISinOne: HS H.-Herder-Str. 5] und NEU im HS Physik Praktika [Name in HISinOne: HS 01 007 (Hermann-Herder-Str.6)], there we recommend only recordings and no livestreams.
  • Im HS Psychologie (Engelbergerstr. 41c)
  • In der alten Uni: Max-Kade-Auditorium 1 und Max-Kade-Auditorium 2 (Bertoldstraße 17).
  • Book lecture hall via HISinOne (search for feature "Lecture recording")
  • Schedule individual lecture or series as livestream/recording in ILIAS course
  • If necessary, briefing on lecture hall technology (
  • Use lecture hall technology --> Livestream will be recorded automatically
Detailed instructions and the always up-to-date list of lecture halls can be found on the following page:
The computer pools in Werthmannstrasse 4 and in the computer centre can also be used remotely, e.g. from home. External participants can be connected via BBB or Zoom.

Individual counselling by the Department of Higher Education Didactics in a digital online consultation hour (Login with Uni account)

Or the daily short consultation hotline (203-96777),
2 - 3 pm, as of 20/09/2021 !
Media Technology (Meeting OWL & Seminar room instruction):
E-Learning Department:
  • Tel: 4600

Help and support

If you have any questions about ILIAS, you can reach us ...
  • via our Forum, where you will find many already answered questions about ILIAS, and where you also have the possibility to ask questions yourself.
  • via the e-mail address
In all other cases, please contact us via e-mail to
Further use permitted: "Digital Teaching Toolbox" by E-Learning Department, University of Freiburg is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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