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Web Conference Systems

In the table below you will find an overview of the recommended systems, as well as, for the sake of completeness, systems that you can continue to use if you have already used them with prior experience in previous semesters:

Application requirements / Field of use


Interaction possible?

Recommended max. no. of participants

Hosting / Provider


Internal servers within the university (also suitable for online oral exams)

Smaller online seminars
(Server of the university)
30 (incl. interaction)
up to 200 viewers without video interaction (and max. 16 video streams per page)
University of Freiburg, IT Services
Server of the University of Freiburg;
set-up directly via ILIAS course rooms

Purchased external cloud-based video conferencing solution (not suitable for video-based oral examinations)

Video conference solution
for larger groups
(external cloud solution)
Up to 300, in individual cases up to 1000
Zoom, cloud solution for the University of Freiburg
Licenses are distributed via University IT Services (RZ)

WebCast System Panopto (only for large lectures - live session without video interaction)

For lecturers of large courses, who do not need any video interaction with their students, the new cloud-based video tool Panopto is ideal for recording and live streaming of courses:
Video hosting and streaming of courses
Teaching staff:
Panopto cloud solution for the University of Freiburg;
University Library – Media Center

Additional Offers of the University and of German Research Network (DFN Association)

The offers of the German Research Network are also available to all members of the University of Freiburg. However, we recommend that you focus on BigBlueButton and Zoom in the winter semester, and only use the systems listed below if you already have experience with them. Before using the services of DFN, please check the DFN News Blog (in German) for the current status.
Working groups and web conferences with larger groups
Video chat with screen sharing and streaming option
23 participants
+ live streaming unlimited
DFN Association
Offers of the German Research Network
(provider DFN is currently under heavy strain)
Larger online seminars
Adobe Connect (website in German)
DFN Association
Offers of the German Research Network
(provider DFN is currently under heavy strain)

Help and Support

If you have any questions about ILIAS, you can reach us ...
  • via our Forum, where you will find many already answered questions about ILIAS, and where you also have the possibility to ask questions yourself.
  • via the e-mail address
In all other cases, please contact us via e-mail to
Further use as OER explicitly permitted: This work and its contents are - unless otherwise stated - licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. Please attribute according to TASLL rule as follows: "Digital Teaching Toolbox" from E-Learning Department, University of Freiburg, Licence: CC BY-SA 4.0

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