Offers and Services for Teaching Staff

In order to support you in planning, designing and implementing your digital teaching projects, the E-Learning Service Center, the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Media Center of the University Library (UB) offer various further education programs, which you can find out about here.
Here you can find the registration form for the ongoing online seminar series "Digital Teaching Scenarios" as well as the recordings of past online seminars (in German):
Please note: Please note the information provided by the university on classroom-based courses in the summer semester. Classroom-based courses and workshops might possibly be replaced by adequate online formats. We will inform you promptly.
Didactic Workshops (in German)
Together with the Center for Teaching and Learning, the E-Learning Service Center offers a didactic qualification program in the field of e-learning for teachers at the University of Freiburg. Those who complete the entire program can acquire the E-Learning Certificate.
  • How do I use a learning platform in a didactically meaningful way in teaching?
  • Which parts of a course could I move to the net?
  • How do I communicate online with my students?
  • What tools are available for online collaboration?
  • What support do students need for blended learning courses?
Teachers at the University of Freiburg are dealing with these and many other questions in the e-learning qualification program, which is unique in Baden-Württemberg and has been offered jointly by the E-Learning Service Center and the Center for Teaching and Learning since the winter semester 2012/13.

The e-learning qualification program is aimed at all teachers at the University of Freiburg who would like to gain further qualifications in the field of university didactics and e-learning and possibly even obtain a certificate. The program consists of two components. Both modules can be attended independently:
Teachers who have successfully completed the implementation module can apply for the E-Learning Award.

Help and support

If you have any questions about ILIAS, you can reach us ...
  • via our Forum, where you will find many already answered questions about ILIAS, and where you also have the possibility to ask questions yourself.
  • via the e-mail address
In all other cases, please contact us via e-mail to
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