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How does it work?

You can create the BigBlueButton meeting room directly in your ILIAS course or ILIAS group.
Using the green button "Add New Item" you can select the ILIAS object "BigBlueButton Meeting Room" and integrating it directly into your course/group.
Ideally, you use BBB directly with your participants in the course, so that everyone joins the meeting directly from ILIAS. In the meantime, it is also possible to invite external participants to a meeting via a link, see instructions below.
Information on the functions and possible applications of BigBlueButton further can be found below on this page in the tutorial and instructions.
1st Step: Button "Add New Item"
2nd Step: Select "BigBlueButton Meeting Room" item

Option 2: Using BigBlueButton outside ILIAS via BBB-Server

Since the winter semester 20/21, employees of the University of Freiburg can also use BigBlueButton without having to create a corresponding meeting room item in a course or group on ILIAS.
To do this, log on to with your university ID. You can then create and start rooms via this website. By sending the corresponding room links, you can invite other participants to the meetings.
This way you can, for example, hold conferences with colleagues or student fellows without having to create a course on Ilias.
1st Step: Open Website and login with Uni Account (Staff and students)
2nd Step: Create room, start meeting and share room link
Technical requirements:
In principle, BigBlueButton can be used in all known browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. However, it is possible that individual functions do not work properly or are not available in certain browsers. The developers of BigBlueButton therefore recommend the browsers Google Chrome and Firefox for the best possible performance (cf.
The following tutorials describe functionality and procedures in detail:
In the following video, all functionalities of BigBlueButton are shown in overview (in English). Please note that the recording function is not activated in our BigBlueButton instance:

1. Create BigBlueButton room, start and end conference room

2. Enable and disable microphone & webcam, display options

3. Presentation options and surveys

In the settings of the BigBlueButton room, you can also specify external guests for whom a direct link to the meeting room is then created.

Please note: The link will only work if a meeting room is actively open, i.e. the teacher as meeting moderator has already started the meeting. Therefore, arrange a fixed time with the guest at which he/she is to join.
To allow students to use BigBlueButton meeting rooms independently, your course must contain at least one group. There, students must be upgraded to group administrators in order to create and start BigBlueButton rooms themselves.

You can find more information here:

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Help and support

If you have any questions about ILIAS, you can reach us ...
  • via our Forum, where you will find many already answered questions about ILIAS, and where you also have the possibility to ask questions yourself.
  • via the e-mail address
In all other cases, please contact us via e-mail to
Further use permitted: "Digital Teaching Toolbox" by E-Learning Department, University of Freiburg is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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