Department of E-Learning, Department of Higher Education Didactics, Media Center of the University Library & Toolbox Digital Teaching
Here you will find current information about the training and workshop offers of the department of university didactics and the department of e-learning. In addition, we provide you with further current information about the central learning platform ILIAS and topics in the field of digital teaching/digital learning. 
Consulting services offered by the Department of Higher Education Didactics:
  • With the online consultation, the Department of Higher Education Didactics continues the subject-specific consultation offer in the winter semester. As of now, the Department of Higher Education Didactics again offers (several) consultation appointments every day, meant to jointly discuss your questions about digital teaching, be it in the planning phase to work out what makes sense and what is feasible for the specific situation, or even during the semester, when questions and difficulties arise that are not yet foreseeable. From lectures to seminars to excursions and exams, your questions can be neither too big nor too specific, we will find a solution for them!
  • In addition, the colleagues of university didactics are available daily from 2 to 3 pm in a short consultation hotline. If you have any questions or are looking for tips and advice on planning and designing your (digital) course or on alternative digital examination formats, you will find competent contacts at 203-96777.
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In this short (German) video you will learn how to work with the Digital Teaching toolbox.
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